Tenley is a Seattle-based artist who spent several years in the Tech and Financial fields.  In her second act, Tenley returned to Art school and graduated from the Drawing and Painting Atelier at the Gage Academy of Art in Seattle.  Tenley has exhibited in the Puget Sound area, California, and New York, where her work can be found in private collections.

Tenley’s representational oil paintings are known for their mystery and indirect narrative.  Words can describe an exact emotion or story while images have many layers and can say many things at once depending on a personal response. So by design, her work leaves an opening for the stories viewers will tell themselves. Whatever the obvious subject of the painting, an implied emotive response or metaphor is subtly embedded in the work, reflecting her own perceptions. Quiet moments (even ostensibly public ones) are made into intimate vignettes using color and layers of paint to express narrative and emotion.

Contact: tenleyd@comcast.net